Mejores 100 fotos del 2012

Después de la buena acogida de las 50 ‘Fotos del día’ del 2011, Top 50 ‘Pictures of the Day’ for 2011, la página Sifter se comprometió a poner de relieve las 25 ‘Fotos del día’ Pictures of the Day al final de cada trimestre, culminando finalmente en una épica Top 100 de 2012.

* Tenga en cuenta que las fotografías en sí no fueron necesariamente tomadas en 2012,  sino que se presentaron ese año. Las imágenes también se muestran en orden cronológico inverso. No existe un ranking entre las fotos 🙂

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Chicago Skyline

star jet roller coaster casino pier seaside heights nj submerged in atlantic ocean aerial stephen wilkes

volcanic crater of wau al namus libya aerial from above george steinmetz

Photograph by George Steinmetz


Photograph by Andrew Choy

Photograph by Caleb Charland

COPYRIGHT© 2012 RMS TITANIC, INC; Produced by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Photograph by Jason Pope

Photograph by Dan Fisher

Photograph by Scott Robertson

Photograph by Berenice Abbott

Photograph by NASA/GSFC/SDO

Photograph by Liammm on Reddit

Photograph by haqbar on Reddit

Photograph by Marcus Peabody

Hazy Twilight over Edinburgh


Dark & Stormy


Photograph by Chris Thomas

A Place Of Enchantment

Photograph via

Photograph via opi8 on Reddit

Photograph by NASA

Photograph by Ken Jones

Photograph by NASA

felix baumgartner atop christ the redeemer statue in rio de janeiro brazil before be BASE jumps from the iconic statue

Photograph by Richard Peter

end of the great wall of china in the east at shanhai pass in shanhaiguan china

Photograph by Tom Adams on Reddit

alex honnold half dome yosemite free soloing no rope

Photograph by Tim Kemple

sail boats inside the crescent shaped crater of Molokini in Maui, Hawaii

Artwork by jb2386 on Reddit

seahorse checks out divers watch and own reflection underwater

Photograph by Don McLeish

picture at the start of a 1km long snow tunnel with person facing camera lighting up the tunnel with a fire torch

Photograph by Michael Zelensky

honey bee stinging human arm with stinger left in arm flying away with trail of abdominal tissue captured

Photograph by Kathy Keatley Garvey

thousands of kung fu fighters arranged in concentric circles for heritage day demonstration

Photograph by China Foto Press


First Contact

Photograph by Liss Ard Estate


Photograph by bbe022001 on Flickr



Photograph by RHYS DAVIES

Photograph by MICHELLE LEE

Photograph by GIL NARTEA


Pavement - Form Follows Groove

Photograph by HORST KIECHLE

Photograph courtesy of Jónína Óskarsdóttir for NASA

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The wish for a clear day

Photograph by T.-C on Flickr

Photograph by BRET WEBSTER

Photograph by HO-YEOL RYU


Photograph via timz45 on Reddit

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Photograph via Paean on Reddit

Photograph via


Photograph via loki010 on Reddit


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